AI Pro Tools & Pre-configured Trading Bots

Stay ahead with automatic sell/buy actions based on price movements, ensuring swift responses to market changes.

Access advanced tools like DCA, Market-Making, Arbitrage, or our free charting software.

Dive into a realm where artificial intelligence meets intuitive tools, offering seamless configurations for trading bots that redefine efficiency. Elevate your trading strategy with precision and innovation. Explore a universe of possibilities - from advanced analytics to pre-configured bots, empowering you to navigate the complexities of the financial markets effortlessly.

Welcome to a new era of AI-driven trading excellence. Your journey begins here.

Our AI Trading Bots Trusted

Trade automatically with our unique trading A.I. or effortlessly replicate other trader strategies.

Experience unparalleled trust in our AI trading bots, revered by a community of savvy investors worldwide. Witness the reliability and effectiveness that sets our AI trading bots apart, earning the confidence of a diverse spectrum of users. Join the ranks of those who entrust their investment strategies to cutting-edge technology, achieving financial success with our proven and dependable AI trading solutions.

We are offering the best bots for trading cryptocurrency, crypto coin trading bots & trading bots for cryptocurrency to satisfy any need from your crypto trading purposes. Your requirements not found? Just contact us to build a custom plans & strategies for you only exclusively.


More AI trading tools to discover

Discover a realm of possibilities with our expansive array of 100+ AI trading tools, everything you need in one platform. Unearth a wealth of innovative solutions designed to amplify your trading strategy. Dive into the future of trading with our suite of advanced AI tools.

Backtest, Test and Trade

Exploit price inefficiencies on your exchange with Market Arbitrage. Seize opportunities presented by price variations between pairs on your platform.
  1. Simulated trading
  2. Realistic simulator
Utilize the simulator feature to practice trading on our trading bot platform without the need for actual cryptocurrencies or an exchange account. Hone your skills as a professional trader in a risk-free environment. Test and refine new strategies before implementing them on your live bots.

Trading Strategy Designer

  1. Create Trading Algorithms
  2. Drag-n-Drop indicators to design your own strategy
  3. Testing & Backtest Strategies
  4. Using your strategies in real bots
Our AI trading platform allows you to combine, test, and develop your own strategies without coding. Whether you want to sell your strategies on the marketplace or integrate them into your A.I., you have the tools to conquer the markets.

Trading Strategy Designer

  1. Create Trading Algorithms
  2. Drag-n-Drop indicators to design your own strategy
  3. Testing & Backtest Strategies
  4. Using your strategies in real bots
Our AI trading platform allows you to combine, test, and develop your own strategies without coding. Whether you want to sell your strategies on the marketplace or integrate them into your A.I., you have the tools to conquer the markets.

Trading Terminal

  1. Your portfolio at your fingertips
  2. Tracking your performance
  3. Get more than yourexchange offers
Avoid the hassle of logging in and out of multiple exchange accounts. Simplify your portfolio management with our free trading terminal, allowing you to oversee your entire portfolio from one centralized location.

Drag-n-Drop Order book

  1. Trade visually with ease
Adjust your order visually by dragging and dropping it in the order book, positioning it closer to the middle for faster fulfillment. Alternatively, click on an order in the book to promptly place it.

Available exchanges

Automate your trading seamlessly on our platform across preferred exchanges like Binance, Coinbase Pro, OKEx, and 15 others. Connect effortlessly using API Keys, ensuring the security of your funds on the exchange.

Trading signals

Effortlessly emulate the top crypto traders in the market. Subscribe to signalers who transmit signals to your bots. Evaluate their performance reports and exclusively subscribe to the most successful ones. It is a straightforward approach to initiate your journey as a bot trader.

Alpha Predator

This strategy identifies momentum stocks priced under 20 dollars, aiming to buy on a pullback trigger as the event to initiate a long position. The selected stocks exhibit positive trends across various time frames, ranging from 5-day to 5 minutes. The strategy employs multiple filters, including assessments of moving averages and price changes over the past hour. A crucial condition is the presence of at least one consecutive green candle on the current day. Refer to the main AI window for details on this strategy target, hold time, and stop type.

Bullish Trend Change

This trigger focuses on stocks priced above 20 dollars that are surpassing resistance levels with a 60-minute high. Within the 5-day range, the selected stock should be positioned near the lower end, indicating a potential shift in the near-term trend with an upward movement on increased volume. Refer to the main AI window for details on this strategy target, hold time, and stop type.

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Social Trading Platform & Social AI-based Strategies

Participate in the Social Trading revolution: subscribe to trading signals, discuss strategies on our internal chat, and explore our marketplace for strategies and bot templates. Trade like an expert without needing to be one.

Utilize a blend of hand-picked technical indicators to guide your bot in determining suitable buy/sell criteria.

Immerse yourself in the trading revolution - subscribe to signals, engage in strategy discussions on our internal chat, and peruse our marketplace for cutting-edge strategies and bot templates. Trade with the finesse of an expert, no expertise required.

Harness a meticulously curated array of technical indicators, empowering your bot to discern optimal buy/sell criteria. Join a community of forward-thinkers and enthusiasts, where innovation meets seamless trading experiences. Elevate your trading endeavors with the fusion of social connectivity and AI prowess. Engage, strategize, and trade smarter than ever before.

Smart Cover

Accrue additional profit with unexpected market moves by strategically selling and buying back coins.

10,000+ Possible Strategies

Utilize our highly versatile backtester to test an extensive range of strategies and indicators, identifying systematic trading approaches that prove effective.

Bull Markets

Leverage DCA Long bots to buy natural dips and sell spikes, achieving a better average entry price for your positions during bull markets.

Precision Entry and Exit Points

Refine your trading precision with strategic entry and exit points. Our AI trading strategies analyze market conditions to pinpoint optimal times to enter and exit trades, maximizing your potential for success.

Take Profit and Stop Loss Trailing Feature

Automatically adjust Take Profit and Stop Loss points as coin prices rise, providing dynamic and responsive trading strategies.

Deal Close Signals

Trade according to Trading View signals, such as RSI, ULT, TA Presets, CQS Scalping, and custom signals. Manually set deal start conditions and open trades accordingly.

Bear Markets

Deploy DCA Short bots to borrow and sell tokens at the current price, buying them back at a lower price during bear markets.


Adapt to a dynamic market with our rule-based crypto AI trading bots, dynamic config changes. Utilize built-in filter rules or code your own strategies.

Additional Trailing Options

Enhance your trades with configurable price trailing options. Ensure trades are executed only when prices show a certain pattern of movement.

Confirming Indicators

Utilize industry-standard indicators like ADX, RSI, Stochastic, StochRSI, MFI, EMA, EMAspread, and more to refine trades based on specific market conditions.

Adaptive Trend Following

Stay ahead of market trends with our adaptive trend-following strategy. Our AI trading bot dynamically adjusts to evolving market conditions, allowing you to ride the waves of success.

Sideways Markets

Utilize Grid bots to acquire cheaper tokens at support levels and sell them when they approach resistance levels during sideways markets.

Statistical Arbitrage Mastery

Master the art of statistical arbitrage with our crypto AI trading bot. Uncover profitable opportunities by exploiting price differentials across various assets, guided by sophisticated statistical models.

Innovative Trading Strategies

Choose from 20+ preset trading strategies with tested default settings. Customize every strategy to your trading style using over 150 different parameters.

Algorithmic Precision Trading

Explore algorithmic precision trading with our AI strategies. Seamlessly execute trades with calculated precision, as our advanced algorithms analyze market data to maximize your trading efficiency.

Speed & Precision

Refine strategies with historical data using our backtesting engines. Establish the optimal combination of parameters for buying or selling.

Analyze and Copy Bots

Bots can analyze performance, view, and copy other bot settings on the 3Commas platform, facilitating collaborative trading strategies.

Social Sentiment Analysis

Harness the collective wisdom of the crowd with social sentiment analysis. Our AI bot deciphers market sentiment from social media, empowering you to make informed decisions based on real-time public perception.

Innovative Machine Learning Insights

Unlock innovative machine learning insights for your crypto trades. Our AI trading bot harnesses the power of advanced machine learning algorithms, providing you with unparalleled insights and decision support.

Dynamic Market Volatility Profits

Profit from dynamic market volatility with our AI strategies. Swiftly adapt to changing market conditions, capturing opportunities as they unfold and maximizing returns in fluctuating crypto landscapes.

Concurrent Take Profit and Stop Loss

Close deals when the indicated price is reached or when the price drops at or below the indicated value.

Long Algorithm

Execute long-term, portfolio rebalancing strategies with moderate risk and high upside potential. Buy long positions in top-performing coins and sell those estimated to decrease.

Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Management

Optimize your portfolio with our risk-adjusted management strategy. Our AI bot intelligently balances risk and reward, ensuring your investments align with your risk tolerance and overall financial goals.

Capital Preservation Techniques

Discover the art of capital preservation with our AI trading strategies. Implement techniques that safeguard your investments, striking the optimal balance between risk and preservation.

Charts and Signals from TradingView

View concurrent currency rate charts and TradingView signals in a single window for informed decision-making.

Unlimited Trading Pairs

Trade any number of pairs simultaneously with our crypto AI trading bots. You have the flexibility to trade one or one hundred markets at the same time.

Visual Targets

Visualize the targets of your trading strategy with the TradingView charting library. Easily fine-tune your strategy without leaving the chart.

Short Algorithm

Implement short selling strategies with the ability to set buy orders at lower prices. Sell coins at higher prices and buy them back at lower levels.

Sell by Multiple Targets

Sell your coins by multiple targets, enabling a staggered approach to profit-taking at different price levels.

Dynamic Trend Analysis

Leverage the power of dynamic trend analysis in your crypto trading. Our AI bot employs cutting-edge algorithms to identify and adapt to market trends, ensuring strategic decision-making for optimal results.

Long Only: Uptrend King

A long-term, portfolio rebalancing strategy with moderate risk and high upside potential. Purchases long positions in the top 30 coins most likely to increase and sells those estimated to decrease.

Secure Risk Management

Prioritize security in your crypto journey with our secure risk management strategy. Our AI bot employs robust risk mitigation techniques, ensuring a shielded approach to your trading activities.

Velocity Trading Strategies

Ignite your trading with velocity strategies. Our AI trading bot executes rapid, high-frequency trades, capturing opportunities in the blink of an eye and propelling your portfolio to new heights.

How AI Trading Bots Work

Trade like a pro. Without being one.

  • Manage your portfolio in 1-place platform

    Administer your investment portfolio by linking all your exchange accounts to our trading terminal, completely free of charge! Automatically execute buy/sell orders in response to price movements. Effortlessly replicate the strategies of other traders or engage in automated trading bots through our distinctive AI-powered trading tool. Leverage additional tools such as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), Market-Making, Arbitrage, or our complimentary charting software for a comprehensive trading experience.

  • Bots operate tirelessly, never requiring rest

    In the world of 24/7 cryptotrading, your bot remains active, giving you a competitive advantage. Trade like a seasoned professional without the need for expertise. Copy strategies from pro traders via our marketplace, subscribe to trading signals, and download pre-configured bot templates. Your bot, powered by artificial intelligence, can automatically identify trends and adjust strategies, providing peace of mind even during market shifts. our crypto AI trading bots, hosted in the cloud, is accessible anytime, anywhere, ensuring constant asset protection and monitoring across devices.

  • Enable your bot to learn and make independent decisions

    A groundbreaking trading innovation that hedge funds might not want you to discover. The AI thoroughly analyzes the strategies you provide and autonomously determines the most suitable one to use. Conduct automated backtests for all your strategies, concurrently. Imagine seamlessly integrating numerous strategies, incorporating signals, and utilizing TradingView. Merge these elements and import them all into your AI. After inputting your strategies, commence the training process. Evaluate and rank all your strategies simultaneously for each market you are involved in. Your AI will assess and rank all the strategies, selecting the optimal one for the current market conditions.

Our Core AI Trading Services & Premium Trading Features

Smart Trading Modules & Signals

Receive guidance from third-party analysts who indicate which currencies to buy and when.

Adaptive AI Assistant for Easy, Effective, World-Class

Harness expert tools without the need for coding skills.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Mitigate investment setbacks by doubling or tripling up on an asset using Dollar Cost Averaging.

Exchange Order Management

Protect your investments by short selling currencies during market downturns and buying them back at recovery signs.

Module of Price Notification

Customize actions to respond to currency fluctuations, ensuring proactive portfolio management.

Trusting Crypto AI Trading Platform

We collaborate closely with exchanges and regulators for a secure trading environment.

Crypto AI trading robots for any exchange

We offer a wide range of AI trading bots that you never imagine, from Binance copy trading bots, Pionex trading bots, Binance bot trading, crypto bots Telegram, Kucoin trading bots, PrimeXBT bots, Gemini active trading bots, eToro crypto robots, free AI stock trading bots, chat gpt trading bots, Coinbase trading bots, artificial intelligence trading software to trading bots for crypto top exchanges, crypto trading apps, crypto investment app, Canadian crypto exchanges, Australian crypto exchanges, peer to peer crypto exchange, American crypto exchanges, cryptocurrency demo trading bots, Kraken cryptocurrency exchange trading robots, decentralised exchange crypto tools & solutions, best crypto signals, cryptocurrency exchanges by volume, white label exchange crypto strategies, crypto trading algorithm plans, crypto algorithm trading, AI stock trading bots, artificial intelligence crypto trading solutions.

Crypto AI trading algorithms

Explore the artistry of algorithms meticulously crafted to decipher market trends, execute strategic trades, and optimize your investment journey. Elevate your trading experience with the prowess of Crypto AI, unlocking a world where algorithms become your strategic allies.

Dive into a realm of intelligent trading solutions designed to navigate the complexities of cryptocurrency markets seamlessly. Or you may contact us anytime to build any custom algorithms for you only.

Crypto AI Trading Robot Development History

Explore the evolutionary journey of Crypto AI Trading Robot development through time. From its inception to the cutting-edge technology it employs today, delve into the history of innovation, algorithms, and strategic advancements that have propelled Crypto AI Trading Robots into the forefront of automated trading. Witness the evolution that has shaped these intelligent systems, providing traders with powerful tools to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency markets.

2000s: Inception of Automated Trading

Algorithmic trading begins gaining traction in traditional financial markets, laying the groundwork for automated strategies

2010: Introduction to Crypto Markets

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin emerge, prompting the adaptation of algorithmic trading strategies to the decentralized and volatile crypto markets

2010s: Pioneering Algorithms and Rise of HFT

Developers experiment with various trading algorithms, including high-frequency trading (HFT) techniques, adapting them to the unique characteristics of crypto markets

2015-2018: Integration of Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms become integral, enhancing trading models with the ability to learn from market data and adapt to changing conditions.

2016-2019: Expanding Asset Coverage

Crypto AI Trading Robots evolve to trade a broader range of cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin, expanding market coverage.

2017-2020: Smart Order Execution and Risk Management Enhancement

Advanced execution strategies, smart order routing, and improved risk management features are implemented to optimize trade execution and mitigate risks

2018-2021: Decentralized Exchanges and DeFi Integration

Crypto AI Trading Robots adapt to decentralized exchanges and the rise of decentralized finance (DeFi), navigating these unique aspects of the crypto ecosystem

2019-Present: User-Friendly Interfaces and Compliance Measures

Recent developments focus on enhancing user interfaces, making Crypto AI Trading Robots more accessible, and integrating compliance measures to adhere to regulatory requirements

Ongoing: Continual Optimization

Ongoing development involves continual optimization of algorithms, integration of advanced technologies like blockchain, and staying abreast of market trends to provide efficient and adaptive tools.

Powerful Crypto AI Trading Bot Mobile Apps

Empower your mobile trading experience with our Crypto AI Trading Robot app. Seamlessly navigate the dynamic cryptocurrency markets, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to execute intelligent trades at your fingertips. Our user-friendly mobile platform offers real-time insights, advanced trading algorithms, and smart order execution, ensuring you stay ahead in the fast-paced crypto landscape. Take control of your investments with our cutting-edge app, designed to bring the sophistication of AI-driven trading to your mobile device. Elevate your crypto journey - download our Crypto AI Trading Robot app and embrace the future of intelligent trading on the go.

Real-time Analytics

Gain a competitive edge with instant access to comprehensive real-time market analytics, enabling data-driven decision-making.

Smart Trading Algorithms

Maximize your trading potential with advanced AI-driven algorithms that adapt to market trends, ensuring strategic and intelligent trades.

Secure Wallet Integration

Experience peace of mind with secure wallet integration, allowing seamless management and protection of your crypto assets.

Secure Authentication

Enhance security with robust authentication measures, ensuring the safety of your crypto assets and personal information.

Real-time Price Alerts

Stay informed with real-time price alerts, allowing you to react swiftly to market changes and capitalize on trading opportunities.

Customizable Strategies

Tailor your trading experience with customizable strategies, empowering you to adapt to your unique investment preferences and goals.

Automated Portfolio Management

Effortlessly manage your portfolio with automated tools, optimizing your asset distribution for maximum returns.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do Crypto AI Trading Bots Work?

Crypto AI trading bots utilize advanced algorithms to automatically execute trades on behalf of users. These bots analyze market data, identify trends, and make strategic decisions, optimizing trading efficiency and potential profits. Explore the seamless integration of artificial intelligence in the crypto trading landscape for enhanced automation and precision.

Are Crypto AI Trading Bots Safe?

Security is paramount in the realm of crypto AI trading bots. Reputable platforms implement robust security measures, including encryption and secure API connections, to protect user funds and data. It is crucial to choose a trusted bot provider and adhere to best security practices, such as enabling two-factor authentication, to ensure a secure trading environment.

What Strategies Do Crypto AI Trading Bots Use?

Crypto AI trading bots employ various strategies, including trend following, arbitrage, machine learning, and statistical arbitrage. These strategies aim to capitalize on market opportunities and mitigate risks. Explore the diverse range of strategies offered by different bots to align with your trading goals and risk tolerance.

Can I Customize Strategies on Crypto AI Trading Bots?

Yes, many crypto AI trading bots offer customization options. Users can tailor trading strategies based on their preferences, risk appetite, and market insights. Whether you prefer conservative, aggressive, or hybrid strategies, customization allows you to fine-tune the bot to align with your unique trading style.

What are the Risks Associated with Crypto AI Trading Bots?

While crypto AI trading bots can enhance trading efficiency, they are not risk-free. Market volatility, technical glitches, and unforeseen events can pose risks. It is essential for users to implement proper risk management strategies, diversify their portfolios, and stay informed about market conditions to navigate potential risks.

How Can I Choose the Right Crypto AI Trading Bot?

Choosing the right crypto AI trading bot involves considering factors such as reputation, supported exchanges, transparency, and customer reviews. Research the features, performance history, and community feedback to make an informed decision. Look for a bot that aligns with your trading goals and offers user-friendly customization options.

What Returns Can I Expect from Crypto AI Trading Bots?

Returns from crypto AI trading bots vary based on market conditions, chosen strategies, and risk management. While bots aim to optimize trading outcomes, there are no guaranteed profits. Users should approach crypto trading with realistic expectations, diversify their investments, and continually assess and adjust their strategies.

How Do I Ensure the Security of My API Keys?

Securing API keys is crucial for the safety of your funds. Always generate API keys with the minimum required permissions, use read-only keys when possible, and avoid sharing keys publicly. Regularly update and monitor your API keys, and ensure that your chosen trading bot platform employs encryption and secure practices for handling API connections.


Our crypto AI trading platform vs others

Optimize your trading journey with features that go beyond the ordinary. Our platform provides advanced insights and tailored strategies for every trader. Stay ahead of the curve and capitalize on opportunities with confidence. Choose a crypto AI trading solution that transcends expectations — choose us.


In comparison to Bitsgap, our platform redefines the landscape of digital asset trading, providing a cutting-edge solution for investors seeking precision and efficiency. Our crypto AI trading bots are designed to outperform traditional strategies, offering advanced algorithms, intuitive customization, and a user-friendly interface.

Why choose our platform over Bitsgap? Our commitment to innovation and security sets us apart. Experience a seamless integration of artificial intelligence that adapts to dynamic market conditions in real-time. Unlike Bitsgap, we prioritize not only the diversity of powerful trading strategies but also the user experience, ensuring you have the tools needed for success.


Revolutionize your crypto trading experience with our cutting-edge AI trading bots. Seamlessly compare our platform with industry leader 3Commas and discover unparalleled features. From advanced customization options to precision entry and exit points, we elevate your trading strategy.

Our secure and user-friendly interface ensures a seamless journey into the world of automated crypto trading. Explore the difference and unlock the potential of your investments with our next-level solution. Join us on a trading journey where innovation meets exceptional performance.


Unlike traditional platforms, such as CryptoHopper, our solution sets itself apart by offering unparalleled customization and flexibility. Tailor your trading strategies to align with your unique preferences, risk tolerance, and market insights, providing you with a personalized trading experience that CryptoHopper may not offer.

While CryptoHopper is a formidable competitor, our platform stands out through its commitment to security, transparency, and a dynamic range of strategies. Join us on the forefront of crypto trading innovation and elevate your experience with features tailored to your success.


In comparison to TradeSanta, our platform boasts a user-friendly interface that simplifies the complexities of crypto trading, ensuring accessibility for both beginners and seasoned traders. We provide a diverse range of strategies, from trend following to statistical arbitrage, empowering users to choose approaches that align with their specific goals.

With robust security measures in place and continuous updates to stay ahead of market trends, our crypto AI trading bots redefine efficiency, precision, and innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of digital asset trading. Explore a new era of intelligent trading - your journey begins here.


In comparison to Altrady, our platform stands out with its innovative features, offering a more intuitive and customizable trading experience. With a focus on user empowerment, our AI trading bot goes beyond conventional strategies, providing you with unparalleled control and flexibility.

Whether you are a seasoned trader or just starting, our platform is designed to meet your individual needs, offering a secure and dynamic environment for maximizing your crypto trading potential. Join us on the forefront of the crypto revolution and unlock a new era of intelligent trading.


Embark on a superior crypto trading experience with our platform, outshining the competition, including HaasOnline. Our cutting-edge features and solutions redefine the landscape of automated trading.

In contrast to HaasOnline, we emphasize transparency, providing detailed performance metrics and user-friendly interfaces for effortless navigation. Our commitment to innovation extends to continuous updates, introducing the latest advancements and ensuring your strategies stay ahead of the curve.


Unlike Gunbot, we prioritize user customization, allowing you to tailor strategies based on your unique preferences and market insights. Dive into a comprehensive suite of trading tools that seamlessly adapt to diverse market conditions, ensuring optimal performance.

Experience a heightened level of security that sets us apart from Gunbot. Our platform implements advanced encryption and secure API connections, safeguarding your funds and sensitive information.


Unlike ProfitTrailer, we offer a seamless and user-friendly interface, ensuring both beginners and seasoned traders can navigate with ease. Embrace a platform that not only rivals but surpasses ProfitTrailer in delivering a comprehensive and secure crypto trading experience.

Our innovative trading strategies leverage cutting-edge AI algorithms, providing a dynamic and adaptive approach to market trends.


In contrast to Quadency, our platform stands out with its innovative tools for dynamic trend analysis, adaptive trend following, and risk-adjusted portfolio management. Experience the next level of precision trading with our strategic entry and exit points, optimizing your trades for maximum profitability.

Stay ahead of market trends with our machine learning insights and capitalize on opportunities with velocity trading strategies.

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